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Best Hair Transplant In Bhopal

If you are looking for the best hair transplant in Bhopal then get in touch with Aashrayaclinic. In the midst of the crowd of uncountable numbers of the clinics in Bhopal, Aashrayaclinic hair transplant has been considered the centre of excellence for hair transplant treatment.

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Natural Hair Line

Since the donor hair will be harvested from your head, you can be sure that they will look completely natural

Virtually Pain-free Procedure

We have developed numerous ingenious methods of anaesthesia and sedation, which will ensure that you feel absolutely comfortable during the procedure.

High Graft Yield

Our Follicular Transection Rate is well below 5% in follicular unit extraction, and this is proof that we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the health of the follicles.

Graft Given by Counting

The patient is given an option to count to the grafts/follicles to instil a level of confidence in the clinic.

Hair Transplant & Restoration Treatments in Bhopal at Aashraya Clinics

Hair Transplant for Men

At Aashraya Clinics, you can get the transplant you deserve – whether you need an FUT or an FUE, our highly experienced surgeons will be able to customise the best course of treatment for you.

Hair Transplant for Women

Remake your image by getting a transplant for women at Aashraya Clinics, where we can assure you that you can walk away with that crowning glory, once again!

Facial Hair Transplant

Whether you want a full beard or a thicker moustache, at Aashraya Clinics it is all possible – modern machines and highly experienced surgeons sculpt your face, the way you want it!

Body Hair transplant

In case there is not enough of a donor area for your transplant, fret not, because at Aashraya Clinics, we can extract hair from other parts of the body, to give you a head full of hair!

Revision Hair Transplant

So what if the first transplant did not yield the results you hoped for? Come to Aashraya Clinics and we will give you the hair you dreamt of!

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

With this tattoo like procedure, we can give you that look of voluminous hair that you have always wanted – minimally invasive, immediately visible!

How does it work?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure where the bald area is covered with hair, along with its roots, taken from other sites such as back of scalp, beard, chest.

Step 1


To assess the current state of your hair loss and determine the optimal way to proceed in your specific situation, we need to see a few photos – the front, back and sides of your head. These photographs will be used to determine the preliminary number of grafts by our doctors can transplant for you. You will receive a detailed quote, including information regarding the number of transplantation days your procedure will require.

step 2

Choose a date and time.

The next step is to find a date for your hair transplant in Bhopal and book your appointment. Aashraya Clinic is located in Bhopal, M.P. Don Don’t forgot to book an appointment before visiting clinic the timing of clinic opening is Monday – Saturday, Morning from 10 AM to 2 PM, Evening 5 PM to 9 PM

step 3

Meet in the comfort of your own home.

On the day of the scheduled transplant, we will begin with your consultation. The surgeon will examine your scalp, determine the optimal number of grafts to be transplanted in your case and explain the expected results. This is the best time to ask questions. After the consultation, we will begin your FUE hair transplantation. This is a multi-stage procedure, and the entire transplant can take about 6-8 hours, however it can be shorter than that.
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